euc woodwardii

eucalyptus woodwardii (Lemon Flowered Gum or Gunguru)

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Potentially one of the most spectacular arid-zone trees in the world, the lemon-flowered gum grows in the Victoria Desert area of Western Australia, and near the Nullabor Plain. It is not very common, having been collected much less than most other attractive species. It will grow in rainfalls as low as 180mm annually and will establish in sands or sandy loams. The lemon flowered gum attains a height of up to 12m with a smooth, grey-brown bark and a narrow habit with an open crown. The brilliant yellow inflorescences and the fruiting capsules are heavy and cause the branches to bend, giving the tree an untidy shape. This a feature which could be overcome when the species has been cultivated for sufficient time for selection of more suitable forms. It is resistant to frost and drought, and flowers between July and November.

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