eucalyptus stricklandii (Goldfields Yellow Flowering Gum)

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Sometimes this species is known as yellow flowered gum or yellow flowered blackbutt. It occurs between Coolgardie and Norseman in WA. Grows up to 12m in height, but is more often seen between 6 and 10.5m, with a metre of dark, rough bark at the base of the thick trunk and branches. Has bright yellow flowers occuring from December to January and often continue into March. This is a very drought and frost tolerant species and flourishing in arid climates with rainfall of 180 to 250mm annually. It is a robust species, fast growing and shapely. It will grow in sandy or loamy soils, and is tolerant of salt affected soils. Strickland’s gum is suitable for street planting, as a shade tree, or ornamental tree.

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