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eucalyptus occidentalis (Flat Topped Yate)

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This species is also known as the swamp yate. Both common names are suitable, as the trees exhibit a more or less flat top to the spreading habit, and they usually grow in low lying areas. Grows from 15 to 25m high, has rough, grey bark on the main trunk and on the lower part of the branches, with smooth, silver grey or yellow grey bark higher up. It occurs in the southern wheatbelt of WA, including coastal areas, with an annual rainfall 400 – 500mm.; The flat topped yate is moderately drought and frost tolerant and is capable of growing to nearly 6m in three years. It is quite suitable for growing in salty soils or in heavy, poorly drained soils. With its attractive and plentiful flowers in late summer and autumn. Also a good ornamental and shade tree.

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