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eucalyptus kondininensis (Kondinin Blackbutt)

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Kondinin Blackbutt

Medium tree (10-15m tall), straight and slender trunk with spreading branches. Lower (up to 4m) bark is rough and black, above is smooth and light brown to grey. Leaves are pale grey-green, glossy. Flowers are white appearing in October to December but possibly later in the summer. Moderate growth rate. Moderately frost tolerant, highly drought tolerant. Slightly waterlogging tolerant. Moderately to highly salt tolerant. Used for farm timber and posts, shade, shelter and honey. Occurs on neutral to alkaline, saline, medium to heavy loams and heavy clay flats. Often found on sandy loam soils. Occurs either in pure stands or associated with melaleucas, other eucalypts around salt lakes and saline depressions from Yealering east to Lake Johnson, Western Australia.; Min rainfall: 300mm

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